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Here are some links to sites that might be of interest or provide services to help make your stay enjoyable at Fisher River Retreat

(Click on the graphics to take you to the website):

  Montana Office of Tourism Website - Recreation info for the state of Montana

  Information about Libby, Montana and Kootenai River Country.  Includes a link to the local weather forecast for Libby.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (Division of Montana Government).  Contains information about Hunting, Fishing and Hiking as well as information on various wildlife in Montana.  (Cabin is located in Region 1).

Information on the Libby area from Montana Vacations website.

Kootenai National Forest

Site logo  We are members of the Libby Chamber Of Commerce.  A lot of information about the area can be found at their website.

  A site specialize in State Hunting and Fishing Regulations Guides.  Regulations for all 50 sites in one handy site.

US Geological Geological Survey.  Fisher River flow/level information site. 

Ski Turner Mountain.  Information about skiing at Turner Mountain.

North American Hunting Club.  There are many books and DVD's in the Cabin from this club for your enjoyment during your stay.  If you enjoy the books and DVD's, you might want to consider becoming a member. 

    One of the best Outdoor Supply Companies (in our opinion).  They have a wonderful life-time satisfaction guarantee.


Bookkeeping Services for Construction Companies, Accounting Software Sales and Support for Construction Industry.  All accounting functions for Fisher River Retreat is performed by Agency Contractors.

Custom Lumber Sawmill Operations.  Has provided a lot of the custom milled lumber used in the renovation of the Elk Hunter Cabin.





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