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  1. Keep vehicle use to a minimum to prevent damage to roads and property.
  2. No discharging firearms on the premises except in designated areas.
  3. No breakable objects, such as soft drink bottles, are to be used as targets in the designated shooting area.
  4. All state and federal game and fishing laws must be obeyed.  There is to be no hunting for any type of game on the premises.
  5. Keep all gates closed and locked while not on the premises.
  6. No smoking inside the cabin.  If you must smoke outside, do not throw the cigarette or cigar butts on the ground. 
  7. Never leave the front door of the wood stove open except when loading firewood or otherwise tending the fire.
  8. Never use a flammable fuel as a fire starter in the wood stove.
  9. Never burn trash in the wood stove.
  10. After using the cook stove, make sure all burners and heaters are turned off.
  11. Do not set hot pots and pans on countertop or table without pads.
  12. Do not put anything but human waste and toilet paper in the toilet.  Toilet paper rolls, sanitary napkins, cigarette butts and garbage of any type goes into the cabin trash.
  13. Chairs are not to be left on the porch or outside.
  14. Do not cut trees, bushes or flowers without permission.  Firewood is provided for heating use.
  15. Any problems or suspected problems should be reported promptly.
  16. No guests except those registered and their minor children.
  17. To be a guest and use Fisher River Retreat, you must sign a liability release.



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